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Weekend Eats

September 06, 2016

Stopped into a few more new places this past weekend as I was wandering around for pictures.

Becoming more and more of a fan of coffee shops lately.  I still have four noisy parakeets going strong in my apartment, and I get sick of sitting there when I have some work to do.  I had a bunch of pictures to go through for uploading to Getty Images.  Lots of keywording and metadata to update and make sure is correct before hitting the submit button.  I had a batch of about 50 pictures uploaded, and had been putting off sorting through them and finalizing the submittal for a while, so I threw the Chromebook into my backpack before heading over to Williamsburg.  Sometimes adding a destination to a procrastinatable task helps me get it done.  Coffee shops are also an excuse to leave a bunch of my contact cards with the rest in the stacks.

Grabbed a few shots along the East River from Williamsburg, then decided to wait out until sunset hour at Blank Cafe, a small coffee shop that serves Japanese comfort food like Nanban chicken and house made teas.  I feel guilty that I only got an iced coffee.  Plenty of outlets and tables too.  Quiet area of Brooklyn, not busy, and outdoor seating.  Although it's a little out of the way for me, I will definitely be back.  Williamsburg is a great area with so many things to see and places to try.  I can understand why I always see people in these types of coffee places with their headphones and laptops.  It was strangely relaxing.  Got my work done.  I am such a yuppie.  Also interesting is that it transforms into a burger place at 6 pm.  Out come the different menus and signs and everything.  Didn't feel the need to try a burger, so I left and went next door.

Right next door to the coffee spot is Donna, a cocktail bar with tacos.  Seriously.  Like I could resist a place like this?  Even the menu had the types of glasses the drinks would come in, so I could prepare myself for any potential social anxiety coming from drinking out of a martini glass.

Stuck with the Tiger Lily and a socially comfortable glass, although the flower backfired on the whole decision making process.  Tried the Cult Classic as well, and halfway through that one I realized I would have trouble with my tripod and filters if I kept trying things.  Ended up getting some sunset pictures I was pretty happy with after leaving here.  Might have to make this a standard ritual.

Tacos from Oaxaca Taqueria.  Quick, easy, and open late.  Delicious.

Mushroom and sauerkraut pierogies, along with a lemon sour beer, from Greenpoint Beer & Ale.  They add this optional house lemon syrup upon request.  I highly recommend adding it.  Doesn't make it sweet or anything, but makes the beer perfectly sour.  And who doesn't love pierogies to snack on.  Nice layout and open to the street.  Perfect for the end of summer.

Sangria and patatas bravas from Cork N Fork in the East Village.  Eh who am I kidding.  I was in the area and knew this place was low key, has great sangria, and I get a bonus 5 frequent flier miles per $ spent, on top of 5% cash back.

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